Since its establishment, the Agency has held about 300 events, the participants of which were more than 5,200 people of executive authorities and local self-government authorities, business, science and public organizations.

The most large-scale initiatives were:


1. The EU international partnership project "Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Enterpreneurial Youth"

JOURNEY (Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial Youth), which was implemented by a consortium of organizations from 6 partner countries of the Eastern Partnership - Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the countries of the European Union - Italy, Poland and France. The project was implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union. In Vinnytsia region, the project was implemented by the partner organizations: Vinnytsia Regional Association of Local Self-Government Bodies and the Vinnytsia Regional Development Agency.

Project activities helped 300 rural residents aged 18-35 from three countries improve their skills in business modeling and resource mobilization tools for self-employment. 50% of the event participants, that is 155 young people, were from the Vinnytsia region.

According to the division of partnership responsibilities, the Agency ensured that:

- the work of the consultative and advisory body: the Stakeholder Committee, whose participants developed recommendations for the development of youth entrepreneurship and submitted proposals to the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and Regional Council to introduce a set of measures to increase the capacity of 63 communities in the development of policy concerning the support of micro-entrepreneurship was organized;;

- 7 clubs of young entrepreneurs, 5 of them on the basis of territorial communities of the region (Bratslav, Dashiv, Illintsi, Studena, Tulchyn), one club on the basis of the Agency and one club on the basis of Vinnytsia Regional Association of Local Self-Government Bodies (VRALSGB) were established;

- the youth of Vinnytsia region were prepared for participation in the international youth exchange, a competitive selection was held for which еру regulatory and methodological support was developed and an online seminar to prepare the youth for the exchange was held;

- a virtual tour for the exchange of experience to the Polish and Italian enterprises was organized and conducted along with the Vinnytsia Regional Association of Local Self-Government Bodies. 7 participants from the Vinnytsia region took part in it, according to the results of the project, the participants received international certificates of Poland and Italy (youth pass (Poland/ Italy) which will help young people on the path to personal development in future.


2. Projects on financial support for businesses of Vinnytsia region:

Competition for the selection of investment projects for partial reimbursement from the regional budget of interest rates on the loans obtained by subjects of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship for the investment projects implementation within the framework of the Regional Program for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship 2017. The Agency was the executive administrator of the competition and ensured that the contest was organized and held and the funds were paid to the selected contestants. The budget of the competition was UAH 974,400. As part of the competition, 15 business ideas were supported resulting in creation of 91 jobs in the region.

Competition of business plans for beginner entrepreneurs (startups) according to the priority direction for expanding the network of financial support institutions within the framework of the Regional program for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises for 2017. The agency acted as the executive administrator of the competition. The budget of the competition was UAH 300,000, 7 business ideas were supported and 16 jobs were created.


3. Participation in the development of regional policy and documents.

Administration of the development process of the Strategy for balanced regional development of Vinnytsia region until 2027. The team of Agency conducted and documented 28 events (meetings of the organizational group, thematic groups, focus- and working groups), 290 people took part in the events: representatives of executive authorities, local self-government authorities, businesses, educational institutions and members of the public. As well, we provided the information support.

Organizing and implementing the activities aimed at the development of the Regional Waste Management Plan in Vinnytsia Region until 2030 in accordance with the Methodological Recommendations for the Development of Regional Waste Management Plans of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, as well, within the framework of the implementation of the National Waste Management Strategy until 2030 with the support by Project "Support for decentralization in Ukraine"/DESPRO.

The Agency provided expert advisory support to the Regional State Administration, provided informational support for the process and coordinated the process of conducting a strategic environmental assessment of the "Regional Waste Management Plan of Vinnytsia Region until 2030" and attracting resources for its implementation.



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