The strategy of balanced regional development of the Vinnytsia region until 2027 (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy) was developed on the basis of the Law of Ukraine "On Stimulating the Development of Regions", the Law of Ukraine "On the Basics of State Regional Policy", Sustainable Development Goals (CSG), approved by the United Nations Summit on sustainable development.

Main strategic priorities:

  • a competitive region based on innovative and sustainable development;

  • region of relevant and effective governance;

  • region of sustainable humanitarian development;

  • region of capable communities and successful people;

  • region of safe environment.


For more information about the Strategy, please, visit:

To implement the Strategy, the Action Plan for the implementation of the strategy 2021-2023 was developed. For more information about the Plan, please, visit:


A new approach was introduced in the new strategic period, that is a smart specialization which involves a reasonable determination of certain strategic goals and tasks by the regional development entities concerning the development of types of economic activity that have innovative potential based on the competitive advantages of the region and contribute to the transformation of economic sectors to more effective ones within the framework of the regional strategy.

In Vinnytsia region, the Vinnytsia Regional Development Agency was chosen to be responsible for determining the region's smart specialization. Thus, in order to search for a smart implementation of the region and its development, the Agency held 13 events in which 200 representatives of executive authorities, businesses, and science participated.


Thus, two directions of smart specialization were defined in the region:

  • development of the treatment and recovery industry (medical tourism);

  • implementation of agricultural technologies using IT innovations.

For more information about the areas of smart specialization, please, visit the information and analytical resource for local self-government bodies and executive authorities of Vinnytsia region "Regional Development: Analysis, Strategy, Action" the section "Smart specialization" + -spetsializatsiia/osnovni-poniattia-smart-spetsializatsii


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