Nowadays, globalization processes force the regions to compete significantly for resources and investments. The level of sustainable development of territories and the well-being of residents directly depend on their involvement.

The Vinnytsia region is currently a modern region whose dynamic economy is developing The investment policy of the region is based on an open and transparent partnership between the government and all interested business representatives. In order to promote the region and create a positive investment image, the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration has developed the investment passport of the Vinnytsia Region as a tool for investors to get to know about the opportunities, resources and current investment offers of the region.

  Investment passport of Vinnytsia region


The organization "Vinnytsia Regional Development Agency" works on the development of the region, including attracting investments. In cooperation with communities, a base of greenfield and brownfield proposals was created to attract investors. You can get information on the proposal database in the sections Greenfield + hyperlink to the section and Brownfield + hyperlink to the section.
The base was created as part of the "Golden Lot" competition, during the implementation of the project of Polish Development Assistance "Increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian regions and developing Polish-Ukrainian economic cooperation" in the Vinnytsia region which is co-financed by the Development Assistance Program and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.



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